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Have you just opened your business recently? If so you probably made sure your landscaping was tidey, your desk was clean, and the cars were shiny, right? Just as you prep to open your doors physically you need to keep that same enthusiasm and preparedness when it comes to opening your virtual doors.

The first place you need to go is Google! Google is the #1 search engine in the world and if you want people to know you’re out there you need to put your mark on the map…LITERALLY! Here’s how:

  • Go straight to and click to “Claim Your Business”.
  • Create a Google Account or sign in with an existing account.
  • Complete AS MUCH information as you can for your listing. The more the merrier!
  • IMPORTANT:  When you are done Google will send you a postcard in 2-3 weeks.
  • As soon as you get that postcard go back to and be sure to verify your listing by entering the pin number Google provided you.

That’s it, you’re done! That will at least get you started and ‘on the map’!

KGI Solutions’ Google Places Page. All new Dealer Solutions Marketing customers are added to Google Places automatically. We just require you provide us with the PIN# Google sends when you receive it!

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1-Minute Clips: Customize Vehicle Options

Sell Vehicles with Customized Vehicle Options

Cars and Trucks Don’t Offer the Same Features!
If you are stocking in a new truck to your inventory you probably don’t need an options list that includes convertible top, sunroof, short shifter, rear wiper, etc. That’s because cars and trucks don’t have the same selling features. With Dealer Solutions you have the option to create your own options list or edit the default list. Improve your online marketing information by creating detailed vehicle options list for your groups of vehicles!

More Customizations than Other DMS Programs
Dealer Solutions Software offers an array of software customizations that can tailor the software to fit your dealership’s needs moreso than our competitors. Whether it’s forms, letters, software views, or even options lists, YOU are in control!

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Editing Forms Directly

Reduce Mistakes and Make Corrections Quicker by Editing Forms Directly

Nobody’s Perfect but Software Helps!
Have you ever gotten to the end of your deal and out comes the paperwork and your customers name is misspelled! This can happen quite often and even though you have to reprint it’s not a big deal with Dealer Solutions. Directly from the print preview screen you can edit a form manually or you can access the deal info and change it so the error is corrected on ALL forms printing.

Why is this Considered a Great Feature?

  • Printing the paperwork is usually the most stressful time of a car deal.
  • It is a HUGE time saver!
  • Most other DMS programs do not offer this simplified feature!
  • This feature can be used for multiple reasons other than correcting mistakes.

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Buying a Car from a Customer

Dealer Solutions Provides a “Reverse Bill of Sale” for your Customer’s Convenience

Printable Bill of Sale for your Customer
A DMS software is there to collect data on deals where the selling party is the car dealership. A unique feature and one that is used frequently is our Reverse Bill of Sale that allows the dealer to enter in the vehicle they are purchasing and at the end print a bill of sale for the customer and dealership to sign!

Excellent Customer Service!
When a customer comes in and sells you their car they have no idea how the process works. When using Dealer Solutions you not only make it fast but you make it professional and easy for your customer to make the sale. In addition you are saving time on your end by entering the vehicle into your inventory AT THE TIME OF SALE! Now the vehicle is in your current inventory and soon you can upload to your website, marketing sites, and craigslist.

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Email a Vehicle to a Customer!

Quickly and professionally email a prospect vehicle information and pictures.

Send Vehicle Info and Pictures through Dealer Solutions
Everything is done electronically these days including communicating with customers. Get a prospects email and with a few clicks send them vehicle info and pictures for any vehicle stocked in Dealer Solutions.

Great Sales Followup!
Did you have a customer come in looking at a vehicle but went home to think about it? Quick! Send the an email with info and pictures to be sure it stays on their mind all night. Before the emails sends you even have a chance to personalize it.

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Back Into a Customer’s Payment

Work a deal with your customers based on their desired payment.

Close More Deals by Backing In to Payments
Your customers already know what they can afford and it’s usually based on a monthly payment. Easily prepare a quote and back in to their desired payment in order to close the deal! It’s quick, easy, and your customers will love it!

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Create Custom Form Packs

Customize your software and the way you print forms.

Paperwork Can Be a Hassle (without Dealer Solutions!)
Whether you do just cash sales or work with 5 different lenders Dealer Solutions has a way to make your deal printing a breeze. Our custom form packs feature lets you setup folders for an unlimited number of different uses. Make a “Cash Deal” folder or a “Credit Union Deal”. Make packs for any time of deal you do so when it’s time to print you click and go!

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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1-Minute Clips: Adding EPA MPG to Vehicles

Easily pull the EPA’s listed Miles Per Gallon off of their database and straight in to your software in seconds!

Now’s the Time to Boast Fuel Economy!
This feature has been a part of Dealer Solutions Software for over 4 years now but for some new dealers you may look right past it. With gas prices quickly moving higher it may be a great time to boast your fuel economical vehicles on your website and car lot.

View your Top Rated MPG Vehicles
You can easily view your fuel friendly inventory by using the view options on your inventory screen! Select the Fuel Economical view and see all vehicles that rate over 25 MPG! You can even print this list with a few clicks!

Watch this 1 minute video to see it in action!

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New Year’s Resolution: Make your Life Easier

The year end is coming and you all know what that means! Year end reporting, yaay! Taking a snapshot of your dealership on 12/31/2011 at 11:59:59 PM (a little exaggeration) is needed come March when your accountant says “OK, what did your inventory look like three months ago?” For many dealers out there, not on Dealer Solutions, this can be a long and tedious process.

Dealers with Dealer Solutions, however, are privy to a robust pack of reports for year end. This year’s 2011 Year End Reporting Pack is full of goodies for dealers and accountants! When you download the Dealer Solutions report pack you get 8 reports designed SPECIFICALLLY for Year End 2011. These reports include your full inventory list snapshot with itemized expenses, an Accounts Receivables report laying out all of your deals with interest breakdowns and more.

There are two expense reports, one for payments grouped by the vendor and the other that displays the full expense list for each vehicle. Also included is the Vehicles Purchased list that tells when, who, where, how much, and how each vehicle in 2011 was purchased.

There are even more reports for Buy Here Pay Here dealers like our Payments report, Balance Adjustments report, and Closed Accounts report.

So if your New Year’s Resolution is to live a stress free 2012 then start a day early and print out your Year End 2011 Dealer Solutions Reporting Pack before you close up shop for the new year.

Happy New Year from all of us at Dealer Solutions Software!

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THE Most Frequently Asked Craigslist Question

I’ll cut right to it. This is the question dealer’s ask us the most regarding craigslist and our craigslist exporter:

“How many ads can I post on craigslist using your software? And will I get ghosted?

We hear it everyday from dealers testing out our software and dealers who use our software yet still end up getting ghosted. I’d like to clear the air once and for all on this topic and provide as much info as I can regarding this topic.

1. Only craigslist can ghost you and there’s nothing any software can do about it.

Drive fast but don't get a ticket!

Believe me. If I could I would stop your ads from getting ghosted but it has absolutely nothing to do with me and my software. I compare it to selling you a Corvette Z06. You buy it because you want to drive FAST even though you know there is a speed limit. I sell it to you because I tell you it works great, drives great, and is definitely faster than your Civic. Next thing I know you are back in my dealership telling me you got a speeding ticket because I sold you a fast car! As you can see I should not be in that equation. Now the same thing is true with craigslist.

2. Craigslist only wants you posting 1 car in 1 city every 48 hours.

You agreed to follow that rule when you signed up. My software is designed to help you post ads (however many number is totally up to you) with a nice clean professional template that also tracks hits and links back to your website to generate more leads. If you want to post above and beyond the terms and conditions I can’t stop you and craigslist can’t stop you but if you break their rules they have every right to ghost your ad. Speed and expect a speeding ticket at some point.

3. Our software helps PREVENT ghosting

This is a no ghosting zone!

We know you get ghosted and we want to help. Our software allows you to change EVERYTHING about your ad before you post it. You can change the title of the ad, the location, the price, the entire template, and even the URLs in your ad. It does a phenomenal job at this, probably better than any other software you have or will use. Remember though, no matter how good the software is, it’s only as good as the user. Bottom line is that it is up to you to create your ads and change up your ad appearances. We are doing our best to improve our process but there is some accountability on your part as far as changing up your posts. You can’t just click, post, click, post, click post or else you will get ghosted using our software. You also can’t just speed on every street you drive down in your Z06 or you will get a ticket.

4. You can do everything right and still get ghosted. What?!

It’s true. You can buy our software and do everything like we say to help prevent ghosting and still get ghosted. I find this to be the case in unique situations of prior craigslist recklessness. Let’s say you have been using other software to just fired up ads on craigslist then all of a sudden BOOM. All ads are being ghosted and you blame your software. Now you see our software and how it’s helping hundreds of dealers get their ads to stick so you jump right in and start trying it! You love the software but you are still getting ghosted. So again you blame the software and now want me to explain why my software doesn’t work for you (this happens more often then you would think). In this scenario it is likely your craigslist ACCOUNT and IP ADDRESS have been flagged by craigslist and no matter what you post you will be blocked due to your prior history.

The remedy is to get on our software and create a new craigslist account and possibly change where you post ads from. Start fresh and start posting ads with a clean slate. Follow the tips we offer you and lay back on the number of posts for a bit. The cops won’t recognize this Z06 but watch your speed.


We have some great tools to help you post ads on craigslist.

Our software is only $49/mo and the return on that investment is amazing compared to other advertising sites. It has even more features than just craigslist and has helped draw in more than 5 million ad views on craigslist since June of 2010. Try it FREE for 14 days by visiting

Matt Kelley
Marketing Director at KGI Solutions


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